Outdoor Water Filter

  • Outdoor Water Filter is containing the pump and the straw that means you can clean any water and make it healthy and hygienic. 
  • This multi-layer filter will remove all the bad particles from the water and it will eradicate all the dirt and rust from the water. 
  • This Water filter can clean up to 5000 liters that mean you can filter the water for years. 
  • This is the lightweight and portable device you can carry while you are traveling or hiking or camping so you can get healthy and pure water. 



Ease of use: the pump and straw design is simple to use, so you can easily fill your water container with clean, filtered water.

None of the bad stuff, all the good: the multi-layer filter straw removes particles large and small, and dirt deposits from sediment and rust, while retaining beneficial minerals--so you can confidently drink wherever you happen to be.

Long-lasting: This filter will last you up to 5000 liters, making it an affordable and practical investment.

Lightweight and portable: this won't take up much room in your backpack, and is light to carry, making it an easy choice for your next backpacking trip.

Your overnight hikes and survival camping trips don't have to mean lugging packs of heavy water bottles that are both bad for the environment and bulky to carry; now you can safely utilize the water in nature with this quality water filter--at once simplifying your life and helping the environment. It's a definite win-win.