36 LED Lamps Selfie Light

  • 36 LED Lamps Selfie Light is the most valuable camera gadget so you can get your video or selfie with extreme beauty. 
  • This is the confidential tool of the youtube stars and many other social media platform stars to look absolutely charming. 
  • The Selfie Light Ring creates the luminous aura around you and makes your features very prominent in the camera so you will look elegant in the video or in the selfie. 
  • The Selfie Light is very adjustable and you will avail the three modes, high, medium, and low so you can tune the light. 


Product Description:

Perfect lighting for flattering selfies, day or night! This convenient light ring is the secret tool of YouTube makeup artists and Instagram influencers. It clips easily onto your phone and casts a beautiful bright glow, enhancing your features in all the right ways. 
Adjustable: the Selfie Light Ring comes with three light settings: high, medium, and low--so you can adjust to your taste and take the most flattering photo according to your situation.
Not just for phones: you can attach it to your tablet or laptop as well, for perfect lighting no matter where you are.
Imagine that every photo you take has just the right amount of stunning light, the perfect balance-- just like it was taken in a studio. Now it's possible with the Selfie Light Ring, one of the best kept secrets of the beauty industry. Grab one now and transform your photos.