Spot Lighting LED Light 960P CCTV (360 Degree)

  • 360 Degree LED warm white Light 960P CCTV is very easy to install a camera that will provide you the prime monitoring of the specified area you desired for. 
  • This finest camera is containing the built-in wifi, so you can get the live video on the monitoring app. 
  • The camera also contains the two-way intercom, this feature will allow you to communicate the visitor.  
  • The Spot Lighting CCTV Camera is the light bulb shape camera that monitors the 360° view with the high definition quality plus the night vision feature will help you to monitor at the night. 
  • The camera allows the multi-user viewing that means your colleagues or family member can monitor the area also. 


  • Easy to install--simply screw into regular light bulb socket
  • Built in Wi-Fi so you can easily view the footage from your smartphone
  • Discreet-- appears to be a simple light bulb
  • Two-way intercom for convenient communication
  • Multi user viewing--connect to multiple phones in order to keep more secure tabs on the situation
  • This LED light bulb just upgraded your security. With its discreet shape and 360° view, it allows you to make sure that everything is A-Ok from the convenience of your smartphone. There is enough complexity in our lives already--let's simplify things for you with this handy wireless camera disguised as a light bulb.


  • Type: IP Camera
  • Connectivity: IP / Wireless
  • High resolution: 960 P HD
  • Lens (mm): 1.44 mm
  • Power supply v: 100-250V
  • Dimensions (L × W × D) (mm): 98 × 75 × 26 mm
  • Network Interface: Wi-Fi / 802.11 / b / g
  • Viewing Angle: 360°
  • Megapixels: 1.3MP