Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

  • Fingerprint Smart Door Lock is the best lock so you can secure your house or any other security prone place. 
  • Just place the lock and be tension free this lock will give you the high-level security and also the fingerprint feature will keep you free from the hassle of keeping the keys. 
  • This door lock contains the childproof features that mean no one can open the door accidentally. 
  • Now you don't have to do the messy procedure to find the hole of the lock and put the key and click it just place the finger your door will open, for the close you just have to close the door and lock will secure after the close. 



  • No key required! Use your fingerprint or smartphone to unlock. No more worrying to remember your key
  • Use as additional security--no need to remove original lock
  • Child proof feature; no worries about baby accidentally opening your door
  • Easy to lock; lock the door automatically after closing. One less thing to remember!
  • Forgetting your keys are a thing of the past with our Fingerprint Smart Door Lock. With its convenient features, including smartphone control and automatic locking, you can rest easy that your home is protected.


  • Sherlock S2: Smart Door Lock
  • Electronic Lock: Sherlock Smart Lock
  • Smart Lock: App Phone Control Lock
  • Keyless Door Lock: Fingerprint + Password
  • Integrated lock: Electronic Smart Lock
  • Color: Silver