Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

  • Fruit Infusion Water Bottle is the most advantageous bottle so you can infuse your favorite fruit with the water and get the energy from the fruit. 
  • This is the most suitable water for the fitness person, it is the very hygienic water bottle with eco-friendly silicone plastic which is approved by the FDA. 
  • This bottle holds the 650 ml of water so you can keep hydrated with the healthy proteins for the rich health. 
  • This Bottle will give you the refreshing water and you can try any combination, you can get mint water, lemonade, to strawberry water or any other fruit to make the flavor. 

Product Details:

Easy to use: All you have to do is fill the water infuser with any combination of your favorite fruits and you're good to go.

Endless Combinations: The sky's the limit when it comes to flavor options. You can try cucumber and mint for a refreshing and cleansing health boost, or strawberries and kiwis for a guilt-free sweet treat. Look online for ideas and find your favorite!
Eco-friendly material: This water bottle is made from eco-friendly, BPA-free, FDA food grade silicone plastic that is both safe and sturdy, and holds 650 ml of water to keep you hydrated on the go.

Easy to carry: with the attached handle, this bottle is easy and convenient to carry with you on your morning jog, commute to work, your weekend hike, or wherever your day takes you.

Healthy Alternative: with childhood obesity on the rise, this water bottle offers a healthy option that kids love, and keeps them away from more sugary drinks which are detrimental to their health.

Water has never tasted so refreshing with our H2O Fruit Infusion Water Bottle. With so many options to create a naturally flavored drink just the way you like it, it's hard to remember that it is also healthy for you! Enjoy limitless flavor combinations guilt-free with this easy to use bottle. Keeping hydrated has just become a lot more fun.