Summer Instant Cooling Towel


Who knew that one small, innovative little towel had the power to keep you cool and comfortable for up to five hours?


  • Instantly activated cooling properties: when activated, this towel immediately gets cool--and stays cool. 
  • Long-lasting relief: enjoy the refreshing coolness for up to five hours.
  • No extras required: you won't need electricity, freezers, or ice. All you need is water, and this chemical-free towel will reduce its surface temp by 50%, helping you to maintain optimal core body temperature during those hot summer months.
  • Sweat wicking: the fabric wicks away sweat to keep you comfortable during workouts at the gym, high intensity training, or any intense outdoor activity.
  • Odor-free: This soft and comfortable towel does not absorb scent, leaving you smelling and feeling fresh.
  • Multi use: wear it as a cooling scarf, headband, or armband-- whatever way is most comfortable for you.
  • Keep significantly cooler and more comfortable in those hot summer months with our Summer Instant Cooling Towel!